"I just can't get enough of this amazing chocolate!"

Chef Kevin Fisher



"Gourmet M's creations are more than chocolate – they are perfect little pieces of edible heaven. Each one is made with rich and velvety smooth dark chocolate subtly accented with ingredients like exotic salts, crunchy nuts, dried fruit or a silken chocolate ganache, making them just the thing for sweetening up any day. I'm hooked!"

"The chocolate is to-die-for! I tried the salt, the pecan, and the habanero. They were all very, very good. My favorite is the salt – and I am a dark chocolate/salt connoisseur. Thank you so much!"



"As a long time milk chocolate devotee, I never thought the day would come when I would like, let alone love, dark chocolate, but that day has just arrived! These chocolates are delectable and melt in my mouth. I especially love the truffles and the apricot-mango chocolate. You made a convert out of me!"
— Mindy

"I lost 10 lbs. by eating one of your truffles every night. It’s all the indulgence you need!
— Abby



"Thank you for making those amazing chocolates! I tried the chili mango, and it’s fantastic!"
— Anjali

"Very delicious decadent treat enjoyed not only for the taste but also for the fact it is healthy and has all fresh ingredients. You can taste the love that goes into making it."
— Cheryl



"Creativity with chocolate – that's what Michael serves up! Whether you yearn for salty, nutty, or fruity additions, just try these chocolate bars, truffles, and halvah. These rich Belgian delights are all out-of-this-world – and reasonably priced, too."
— Trudie

"My favorite chocolate bar ever."
— Matt

"This is literally the best chocolate I've ever had  We're ruined for all other chocolates!"
— Lindsay

"Gourmet M's chocolates are not only uniquely flavored and artfully crafted and presented – they are absolutely delicious. If you thought dairy-free chocolates couldn't be good, think again!"
— David

"You should be arrested for selling something this good :-)."
— Doug

I am very upset with you all. I bought a halvah bar from a deli a few days ago. It was absolutely horrible, and I had to throw it out.  Nothing is as good as your chocolate-coated halvah. It's absolutely amazing, which is bad, because now I have incredibly high expectations, and I am afraid I won't ever be able to find anything as good as what you make!!

— Ryan